52 Years of truthfully answering questions according to the bible and still going

52 Years of truthfully answering questions according to the bible and still going

There are tons and tons of ministers around, most of them preaching about financial blessings if you will give them your money first, well, something to that effect.

I’m sure a lot of people have lost taste for religion now that many pastors have stopped preaching what is written and began weaving their own gospel.

I for one started to question my religious roots when I was younger and was almost at the very edge of believing in atheism before I began hearing a different kind of teaching from Bro. Eli Soriano.

Bro. Eli in one of the events he spoke for at the Araneta Coliseum.

Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if many people will raise brows for having said the name, because I know for a fact that this man has been the object of ridicule, humiliation, and degradation.

So-called Christians and their atheist counterparts have their own parts in accusing him.

They referred to Bro. Eli in so many malicious ways, saying he is gay, or that he is a murderer, or that he is an extortionist. Things that the very people who allege him cannot even properly prove because no matter how many legal accusations they throw money for, Bro. Eli rises up unscathed and unharmed. You can read stories of his acquittal from here.

bro eli acquited
Ms. Jane Abao’s article on Bro. Eli’s acquittal from two courts.(courtesy of: https://kotawinters.wordpress.com/)

Now, I do understand that these people, no matter how much money they throw away just to malign Bro. Eli, would not stop at the prospects of the huge financial losses because they have a whole world of money to gain if they can somehow hurt Bro. Eli and his preaching. Why?

It’s simple, Bro. Eli preaches against religious corruption, the same message given by the Lord himself just before he left. If Bro. Eli can successfully change people’s and get them to follow the instructions of Christ, all these religious mambo jumbo will end and they will lose profit. Which is, by the way, not a sentiment or a way of thinking that is native to the people who think such.

Bro. Eli recognizes all too well that the enemy he is trying to combat is not the person throwing the stones, but the spirit behind that person. That is why, till now, Bro. Eli still does his charity works. And though people question him for his teachings, they somehow end up questioning their beliefs about Bro. Eli’s person because they themselves know what Bro. Eli has been doing to care for people.

Bro. Eli saw the need for providing a mobile clinic to far flung areas, hence, the many provisions for such necessities.

Now, caring for the material self may be everything to some, but that is not the case with Bro. Eli. I believe I have an understanding now about how “Ingkong”, as many people would refer to him, cares much more for the person inside each and everyone of us.

Whenever he preaches, he does this so that we may live inside. I know it’s quite complicated, but let me try to explain a bit further.

Those who believe in God believes in the soul. Those who do not, think we are just like a mechanism of muscles and bones, with chemicals affecting our thinking so that we act on certain factors with varying actions. Seems like a well educated assumption, right?

Okay, my answer is that of what I learned from Bro. Eli. Yes and no. Yes we have a soul, yes we have muscles and bones and we have lots of chemical reactions going on inside of us, but that’s not the end of it.

reality check

There is no denying that there is a person in each of us that is able to reason and believe what we believe is a testament to the truth that indeed, there is a God, he created us, we were not from monkeys, our future is in His hands and He is either our Father or our Judge. It is not true that we do not care, and that we are hopeless, we are simply looking through half closed eyes, that is why we are not able to perceive the truth clearly.

It is an age old debate that Bro. Eli had been trying to unmask and set right. Herculean, if I may say, in magnitude. But it is something that Bro. Eli will not want to take on sitting down because it concerns that which is most important in everyone of us.

Through all hardships, Bro. Eli had been combating that enemy in us which tells us to care more for the flesh and leave out the spirit. There is a spiritual battle which we neglect, but our delusions about the seemingly good material things is what Bro. Eli had been trying to wake us up from. We are like Dorothy, lost in Wonderland, and Bro. Eli had been trying hard to get us back to reality.

For 52 years, Bro. Eli had been trying his best to read, read, read the words of God to teach people. He has been battling not only those who do not believe God, in fact, he has generated more enemies in those who do believe in a Divine Being. His challenge stands for other pastors to come out and put their faith through test by the words that are written in the bible.

His popular one liner tagline is not something people can simply ignore:

“Basa!” “Let us read!” “Vamos ler!”

Bro. Eli’s advice, admonition, teachings and judgement on cases that he is asked to pass decisions for are always guided by the words of God in the bible. He has lived a solitary life to be able to do what he felt was his duty to open eyes and make people believe in the true God of the bible. He has taught people truthfulness and had, in his crude manner of speaking, rooted out hypocrisy.

be from photobucket
Bro. Eli, listening intently during one of his debates.(photo courtesy of http://s611.photobucket.com/user/whoisbroelidotcom/)

While he has helped many lost souls to believe in God and in the Lord Jesus again, he remains the same person he was 52 years ago, knowing that it is God who works in him. I remember this one time when he said, “Brother, thank God, not me. I don’t mind if people forget about me, I just want people to remember that God is the one who did good things to you.”

There are millions of lost souls who still need to hear the good news. Bro. Eli’s 52nd anniversary in service to God and to people is telling us he is not getting any younger in the flesh, but his spirit is ever stronger. My prayer is for more people to get to hear him and open their hearts to the pure gospel of Christ as read from the bible.

If you want to learn more about Bro. Eli Soriano, please do visit his website. If you have questions about faith, don’t hesitate to send him a tweet or watch him answer via live bible exposition or via recorded YouTube contents found here and here, or you can attend the regular Thanksgiving of the MCGI and directly ask Bro. Eli during his consultation time.



Wish 107.5 TV, The Launch

Wish 107.5 TV, The Launch

FM music people wish to hear; Wish FM lets them watch too

It took only a year of on-road broadcast to get people addicted to the fine music played over 107.5, otherwise known as Wish FM. Now that it has built a strong following and marked its niche in the music scene, the station takes a huge step into the limelight as it announced its grand TV launch on Monday, March 28, 2016.


Now, 1075 Wish FM will not only deliver inspiring music, it will also be featured as a visual radio presentation onscreen UNTV Life, showcasing the technology in the roving radio station and providing a refreshing and must watch live on air performances around the metro.

With a pilot episode that will start at 4:30pm at UNTV Channel 37, four of its amazingly pretty, lively and extremely charismatic DJ’s namely, DJ Jelly Kiss, DJ Leigh, DJ Faye and DJ Alice will deliver a fantastic entertainment program that is expected to do more than bring back the glory days of the FM radio.

wish fm fb cover
From left to right, the beautiful DJs of Wish 107.5 FM are DJs Leigh, Faye, Jelly Kiss and Alice.

DJ Jelly Kiss, who will be the main host of the FM TV program, gave her promise that people will see how differentiated these amazing angels are on the airwaves. Together with equally as pretty and as eloquent DJs, she will provide the voice and the life of the party for Wishclusive, Wish Happenings, Wish Updates, Wish Lounge, and other feature programs for television.

The radio is known as the country’s trailblazer in the radio industry, broadcasting live on board the Wish FM Bus and traversing the main thoroughfares of the metro area to give listeners and travelers alike all fresh cuts and music covers by some of the country’s top performers.

Wish FM Bus broadcasting at night as onlookers see how the DJ handles the entertaining monologue from inside the booth. (Photo c/o Photoville)

The station has become a favorite among passenger car drivers, housewives, schools, offices, restaurants and other venues as the only station they tune into because of the lineup of songs they can play while doing day to day tasks without the heavily heart-pumping, crazy beat of highly metallic sounds. The radio plays songs that are easy to listen to or sing along, thus, more and more people are tuning into it.

Keeping up with the identity that it began to convey since its first broadcast, the program gave listeners the kind of programming they Wish for, including public service where individual wishes are given reality.

wish granted
Students of Galicia Elementary School were just one of the recipients of the wish granting public service of Wish 107.5 FM. (Photo courtesy of Wish FM website)

The station will be broadcasting in different locations so that more and more people will see the performers live and also how the program is carried out.

The Fastest Rising Radio Station in the country recently held an awards night at the Araneta Coliseum where they gave not just trophies to the winning performers, but also cash giveaways to the choice recipients of the winners.

wish fm award
Daryl Espanto was not just the biggest winner of the night during the Wish 107.5 Music Awards, but the World Vision Institute, receiving a total of 100,000 pesos check from the event.

This is not the first time that UNTV did something to fulfill its goals of featuring intelligent alternatives to the usual programs that are seen on TV but it’s definitely the most creative, people will easily welcome the idea and be transformed by the positive messages that the program passes on.

ADD Foundation, UNTV and KFI join forces with San Mateo Barangay Chair in serving its indigenous constitutents

The people of Barangay Banaba is now being served by the ADD Foundation, UNTV and Kamanggagawa Foundation Inc., with a medical mission at the covered court of Brgy. Banaba in Dona Pepeng Subdivision, San Mateo, as requested by Capt. Sherwin Cuevillas. The event began early and gathered a huge number of people waiting in line for the free consultation and medication services.

People awaiting their turn for the free consultation and medication services provided by UNTV, ADD and KFI
Residents of Brgy. Banaba are gathered today, March 11, 2016, at the Dona Pepeng Subd. Covered Court for the wide range of medical assistance that UNTV, KFI and ADD Foundations have put together.

Capt. Cuevillas, sought out the help of Bro. Eli Soriano and Kuya Daniel Razon because according to him, the constituents of his barangay need these kinds of assistance, as is the case in many parts of the Philippines.

Brgy. Capt. Sherwin Cuevillas giving a speech welcoming people to the medical mission by UNTV, KFI and ADD Foundation.
Barangay Capt. Sherwin Cuevillas of Brgy. Banaba San Mateo Rizal gives his welcome speech during opening of the medical mission today, March 11, 2016.

According to Capt. Cuevillas, even with the funding provided to the local government, there is still a great need for partner entities, like the Ang Dating Daan, KFI and the UNTV, in order to alleviate the state of medical insufficiency of destitute people within his area of jurisdiction.

(video of interview to be inserted here later.)

Bro. Eli and Kuya Daniel have been known to initiate these kinds of public services, thus, when the captain called for this action, these leaders did not think twice in answering the call and giving out the much necessary help.

Attendees of the Medical Mission by UNTV, KFI and ADD Foundation under the leadership of Bro. Eli Soriano and Kuya Daniel Razon.
The tireless crew of the UNTV, ADD Foundation and KFI manning their posts in the medical mission under the Leadership of Bro. Eli Soriano and Kuya Daniel Razon, whose initiative is to provide complete medical assistance including prescribed medicines.

The UNTV crew brought along their mobile  clinic, aside from the volunteer doctors and nurses, to provide free x-ray to people who cannot afford the costly radiation exams.

ADD Mobile Clinic and crew van provided the much needed medical assistance to Brgy. Banaba San Mateo Rizal constituents.
The UNTV Mobile Clinic and crew van is now at the Brgy. Banaba Hall in Dona Pepeng Subd. to provide free onsite x-ray and other services to the residents and visitors.

Some of the attendees expressed their gratitude to Bro. Eli and Kuya Daniel for sending help that is much needed in their areas.

(video of participants to be posted here later.)

The public service initiative is said to service locals all day until afternoon today, with an initial number of 500+ locals lining up for the different services provided including free general and specialized consultation and medication, free eye exams and prescription, free dental check up, extraction and other services.

(Capt. Sherwin Cuevillas invites people to go to the Brgy. Hall Covered court today so they can take advantage of the services).

Wish FM 107.5 makes wishes come true in the First Wish Awards

The long wait has come. Music lovers and well wishers are sure to fill the Araneta Coliseum once again tonight as Wish FM 107.5 unfolds the results of its First Music Awards for today’s most hip, most memorable and most sought after new talents in the Philippine music industry.

The award’s night will be graced by upcoming and current newsmakers and singers, some of whom will be performing live onstage. For the list of performers, awardees and other awards night related news, please visit this site.

Wish 107.5 Awards
Wish 107.5 Music Awards is slated today Jan. 26, 2016, 7PM at the Araneta Coliseum.

Radio 107.5 is the partner station of the premier public service station in the country. As such, the airwaves rider broadcasts live from the country’s first mobile radio station, traversing the main thoroughfares of the metro area daily, and lives up to its official nickname “Wish FM”, as they play some of the best music lineups, send out a positive message on social media, and grants wishes made by its loyal fans.

The station was envisioned by Kuya Daniel Razon, programming proponent and master DJ of the program “Dear Kuya”, to be more than just a music hub. Keeping in mind the glory days of radio broadcasting, Kuya Daniel helped BMPI acquire the station as an extension platform for public service.

The station built its solid foundation on regular radio systems and on Philippine online radio, enabling wide reach and following from among listeners who rely on microwave signals and internet streaming.

Wish 107.5 logo transformation
Wish 107.5 has undergone transformations, however, the station has taken its avid listeners gently through changes, ensuring a solid presence in the airwaves.

The station displays a very warm and endearing orange round logo right now that shows how dynamic and vibrant the station is.

To date, the station has featured a number of talents in its regular programming. The artists have expressed their enjoyment of their live mobile performances in their social media postings. Among them, Darren Espanto enjoyed a huge following on social media, after his video went viral among social media users. Other performers followed through with their own live cover of some of the current hit songs. To watch all their videos again, just go to their YouTube site found here.

A twitter conversation will be opened later today with the @Wish1075 leading via official hashtag for the event. People will be looking forward, and so am I.

Loneliness with You is Happiness

Source: Loneliness with You is Happiness

Trusting You, our God, banishes all fears, sorrows, pain … It is when I am weakest that your strength is magnified. Thank you Lord, for putting this love and faith in my heart … feelings that are even bigger than I am. I know it is You who really loves and believes in me, and the feeling is so immense, it goes back to you and lets me feel great trust and love for You too.

Largest Gospel Choir: Ang Dating Daan retains Guinness World Records

Largest Gospel Choir: Ang Dating Daan retains Guinness World Records

The Ang Dating Daan program is in a festive mood right now not just because of its 35th Anniversary celebration but because of its recent feat to seize the Guinness World Record for Largest Gospel Choir.

Courtesy of GWR, this is the view of the whole Araneta Coliseum during the recent ADD 35th Anniversary presentation featuring the ADD Chorale.

UNTV CEO Daniel Razon, who is also the Vice Presiding Minister of the Members of the Church of God International (MCGI), received the plaque for the Guinness achievement from the official adjudicator from Guinness UK, Ms. Fortuna Burke Melhem and raised it to the cheering crowd of male and female singers in the Araneta Coliseum last October 12, 2015.

Courtesy of @_soitsyou (Arlene Razon) via twitter. On left, Daniel Razon is seen holding the award and on the right side is the actual certificate given by Guinness World Records.

The group, now officially labeled as the world’s largest choir, consisted originally of 15,000 singers but the venue is not capable of accomodating all, thus only 11K plus were able to get in, along with the differently abled citizens who were invited to be the honored guests of the event.

The longest running religious program on TV, Ang Dating Daan, made the celebration even more blessed by giving out gifts to the differently abled individuals and organizations invited to the venue. A total of 12 organizations came and celebrated with the organizers.

The official record number of the ADD Chorale approved by Guinness was 8,688 which broke the original record by almost a hundred percent of the total number.

The official Guinness video shows the total number and the excellent performance of the members. Take a moment to watch the video and enjoy the great spiritual upliftment it brings.

Just In. MCGI Still holds the title.

The title Largest Gospel Choir still belongs to MCGI’s ADD Chorale despite efforts from the Iglesia ni Cristo Chorale to capture the coveted record during its Pamamahayag event held in their own Philippine Arena. Around 22 thousand singers were supposed to topple the feat. Messages of congratulations populated social media right after the event was held and INC supporters even posted their remarks on GWR website.

inc comments gwr

In a twitter conversation, however, Guinness reiterated that the Members of the Church of God International still holds the record.

gwr reply

The spokesperson of Eagle News referred to the whole series of event as a “miscommunication” in their part, since the social media people already sent out the message of bagging the title, referring to a Nigeria-based choir as the title holder from whom they are trying to snatch the title, even as the  GWR site clearly shows the Officially Amazing feat is still enjoyed by the ADD Chorale.

gwr site lgp

A Song of Praise Year 4 is a Celebration of Perpetual Thanksgiving in all Situations and Season

UNTV Television’s A Song of Praise Grand Finals held last night at the Areneta Coliseum featured more entries which are about giving thanks to God whatever predicament a person may be.

Year 4 celebration this evening of October 14, 2015 has more fast paced, jazz songs in its lineup, which created a light theme for the evening, very appropriate for easy listening.

Yet, the songs still bore the signature of real gospel genre with all the novelty lyrics that describe different situations met with a singularity in idea and resolution – that of positivity and thankfulness to God in the face of troubles and hardship.

Some of the entries bear a more serious pop style but these too, have the same message conveyed to the listeners. In fact, the grand winner “Kung Pag-ibig Mo’y Ulan” is about how a person is never alone during trying times. The music is heavily ballad-pop, and the lyrics is one that will guarantee tearjerking experience to anybody who will hear it.

UNTV, along with its proponents, namely Bro. Eli Soriano and CEO Kuya Daniel Razon really did it this time, creating a very colorful, very well coordinated finals night. Even the lineup of guest performers is amazingly starstudded and the panel of judges really formidable, with no less than Chairman of the Board of Judges Prof. Ryan Cayabyab, resident judge and arranger Mr. Mon del Rosario, singer/songwriter Mr. Jett Pangan, record producers Mr. Jungee Marcelo and Ms. Lachmi Baviera and Filipino singer and actress Ms. Celeste Legaspi.

Leah Palacio - christianmalinias - Kung Pagibig Moy Ulan

Take a moment to watch the video and see if you will not be touched by the powerful and heartfelt rendition of Leah Palacio. She really did well in giving the song a personality and special human touch.

All the other songs gathered as much support from the followers of the show. In fact, the audience sang along as each performer give their own rendition. Here is a list of all the other finalists who made it to the grand finals.

Sabrina - marialoidaestrada - mahal mo ako
Light pop gospel music by Maria Loida Estrada, songwriter of “Mahal Mo Ako” with Sabrina.
RJ Buena - josephcardona - Jesus I love you
2nd Runner Up winner of ASOP4. Contemporary Jazz gospel delight by RJ Buena and Joseph Cardona.
Raymond Sajor - CrisBautista - Dinggin mo O Dios
Pop gospel song, this finalist song is created by Cris Bautista and interpreted by Raymond Sajor.
Phillippe Go - LeonardodeJesusIII - Pahintulutan Mo
The 3rd Runner up winner during the ASOP 4 Grand Finals, this song is a great song of love for the Lord.
Nino Alejandro - DennisAvenido - Pakamamahalin din kita
Almost the winner, this song is a pop gospel music dubbed as the 1st Runner up during ASOP 4 Grand Finals.
Ney Dimaculangan - JosephBolinas - Sabik Sa 'Yo
This song is pop-alternative in nature and is almost a “novelty song” because of its unique lyrics.
Maki Ricafort - BenedictSy - Walang Hanggan
This song is a pop – light jazz music and a great love song at that.
Jojo Alejar - DennisRoxas - Salamat po Ama
This jazz novelty song by Jojo Alejar and is perhaps the best example of the main theme that the program carried.
Jeffrey Hidalgo - JesmerMarquez - Alabok
Pop ballad gospel song, this finalist might have even made it to the first four if not for the stiff competition.
EllaMaeSeptimo - dakila ka Ama
This Pop gospel song from Ella Mae Septimo and is oozing with youthfulness and feel good emotions, not yet a mature melody, yet very enriching.
Betong Sumaya - RolanDelfin - Ikaw na lang Magdrive ng Buhay Ko
Pop – novelty gospel song that fulfills all the aural satisfaction of its listeners from Betong Sumaya and .

This is the first time that Original Filipino Artist and singer songwriter Prof. Ryan Cayabyab visited the contest, thus Kuya Daniel Razon gave a short backgrounder on the humble beginnings of the program. After this, Bro. Eli Soriano acknowledged the people who performed during the event and the panel of judges, making the audience laughing once in a while.

The event was a huge success, considering its hashtag was one of the trending topics hours before the actual performance.

Twitter trend as of 10-13-2015-1010am

The program has produced many gospel songs which UNTV made available for free download on its website. Bro. Eli of the Members of the Church of God International and the man behind the said program made sure that the songs will be free for all so people will have opportunities to worship God thru songs.

The event serve as a continuation of the celebration mood of the organization that garnered a new Guinness World Record for Largest Gospel Choir.

Guinness tweet on the World Record Achievement.
Guinness was first to tweet about the feat.

The ASOP program is set to start out on a fresh search for budding talents in songwriters on its 5th year.


Ang Dating Daan Celebrates 35th Year Anniversary: MCGI Music Ministry Attempts to Set New Record for Guinness Record

Its a sunny afternoon in Quezon City and the Big Dome is swarming with men and women in black and white. The Members of the Church of God International is once again creating waves at the Araneta Coliseum as they celebrate the 35th year anniversary of its main television program, the Ang Dating Daan.


Dubbed as the Longest Running Religious Program in Philippine Television, this program has retained its original format of delivering no-holds-barred question and answer about religious issues as asked by non-members from around the world who want to know the truth about the bible. The program airs simultaneously in key remote places around the world. The following is an instance when people from different parts of Asia ask Bro. Eli over satellite TV.

monitoring centers

Today, as the celebration happens at the time of this writing, these singers and choir members congregate to sing songs of praise and worship to God while they give a very important gift to the differently abled citizens of the metro. As the members await the completion of the number of the choir inside the dome, the temperature rises inside and creates a sense of very high spirituality in everyone inside the dome.


The number of those who came was a surprising 12k plus, that can only mean that this event is another monumental event for the program that has touched the lives of many people, Filipinos and otherwise.


It is noteworthy that the practice for the performance did not only happen in the Philippines. When members from other parts of the world knew that the Philippine choir was holding its dressed performance, they too had their own practice from their own locations.

foreign music ministry_las vegas

Just see how many people went to the practice held at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit. Everybody present said that it was a different level of performance done by each member which can only be described as heartwarming and spiritually uplifting.

practice - apalit

The performance has not yet started, but the Araneta is already filled with the songs of praise by the group. Its creating goose bumps on one’s back when the group performs because of what is apparently seen as love for God.

The organizers of the event which is the celebration of the program Ang Dating Daan and its message of hope and appeasement with God  have outdone themselves with a very spirit edifying celebration format which is hoped to be another testimony of the greatness of the God behind the program. The Ang Dating Daan is a multi-awarded program and here is one of the awards which the program has garnered in the past.

ADD Gawad Amerika award hires

Congratulations to Ang Dating Daan and to the people who made the Ang Dating Daan 35th Anniversary celebration.

UNTV Cup Season 4 Opens, Government Agencies Marched into the Playing Court to Play a Game Meant to Extend Public Service

The UNTVCup Season 4 opens today August 24 at the SM MOA Arena with huge support from different agencies of the government. Each playing team marched to the playing court with their respective managers and mascots.

Defending Judiciary faced the team drawn from the lots of teams categorized in the Group B of the season, MMDA Black Wolves.

The heroes of the games before they march into the courts.
The heroes of the games before they march into the courts.

The programs began with a neo-electronic dance followed by a welcoming speech by UNTV CEO Daniel Razon. Kuya Daniel, as endearingly called by colleagues and followers spilled out the beans about more and more league games that will cater to different indigent sectors.


Spotted in the playing court were very supportive PBA Legends who had pledged support in the past for public service sports events like this one.

Bro. Eli Soriano of the Members of the Church of God International again pledged financial support to the event, shelling out a total of 2Million pesos which he said he will ask Mr. atom Henares of the UNTV-BMPI to match with another 2 Million.

The games today signals the beginning of another season that will heat up the SM Arena for another quarter of a year.

MMDA put the pressure onto Team Judiciary as they outscored the team several times including the first half of the games.

Songs For Heroes 2 Concert raises inspiration and funding for AFP and PNP

Who would have known that the simple invitation from MCGI’s Bro. Eli Soriano to honor the young policemen who lost their lives in Mamasapano will lead to a series of successful fundraiser? Who would have expected that the benevolence of the Filipino people will extend to those who did not go to battle?

The first Songs for Heroes concert was phenomenal. The total number of attendees was unexpected. Even the artists who heeded the call of Bro. Eli came as a surprise. Social media was dominated that time as the official hashtag stayed for a very long time on the trends list. Last night, Songs for Heroes 2 jampacked the MOA Arena once more with the spectacular  array of colorful dances and singing by some of the country’s top performers.

Among those who came to perform were Kuh Ledesma, Jed Madela, Gerphil Flores, Wency Cornejo, Jenine Desiderio, Jeffrey Hidalgo, Arnee Hidalgo, Sam Shoaf, Gwyneth Dorado, Shanne Velasco, 5th Gen, the University of the Philippines Dance Company, and the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group.

AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Gregorio Catapang, PNP OIC Gen. Leonardo Espina, PBC President Atom Henares and BMPI Chairman and CEO Daniel Razon surprised the audience with a special number that the audience roared in applause for. Men and women of the AFP and the PNP went onstage too to take part in the extremely emotional tribute for their comrades and friends.

The huge success of the concert is attributed to the concerted efforts of the AFP, PNP, UNTV, the participating artists and most of all, the proponents of the event, Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon. The two initiated the call for honoring our soldiers and police officers and went out of their way to collaborate in the project to inspire our uniformed men to be proud of their jobs and to always share labors of love towards our fellow citizens.

The second Songs for Heroes concert raised around seven million pesos for the AFP and the PNP. While receiving the total sum of money raised from the concert, General Espina thanked Bro. Eli for helping him leave his own legacy in the agency just before he retires. He exclaimed, “What a way to retire!”

Bro. Eli left a tearjerker experience when he personally appealed to Justice Sec. Leila de Lima to help him in his fight for the truth. Everybody inside the Arena felt the honesty and sublime humility in Bro. Eli’s voice when he said that the reason he loves Filipinos is the innate goodness within this race that he has not found in any other races. He felt so much pride for our law enforcers because he believes in the heroism that is present in each of them.

Bro. Eli’s message was followed by a concluding nationalistic song “Ako ay Pilipino” by the whole performing company, leaving the audience in awe and renewed pride for the country and its citizens.