A Shower of the Right Kind of Motivation

Been meaning to write about the business sector and I guess I was just waiting for the right setting. It’s the first time I ever tried a career in Sales and Marketing and I never thought I’d ever like it. I was apprehensive when I applied for the job because I hated the idea of talking to people, it scared me to death that I’d be dealing with business owners and market leaders. That portion of the human resource hierarchy used to be a very mystical and totally higher level for me, so I look up to people who handle managerial and higher posts. I still do, these people deserve to earn the 5 to 7 digit salary they earn for the job they so very critically stake their neck for.


I mean, what these people do may look very easy for some, but believe me, you do all the thinking and pretty soon you go looney if your plan starts flopping, especially when there are union people ready to set out a massive strike against you. That image of people leaving their posts because upper management wouldn’t grant their requests has always been more familiar to me because I see this scene more back in my home country, I being a regular 8-hour worker with no supervisory rights.


Back at home, whenever evaluated in my past jobs, I always get that feeling that I will not have rights to rise from the ranks because my superiors seem to talk in a very indecipherable manner for me. And even as I understand the kind of work I used to do as a tech support, I can’t seem to satisfy requirements for promotion because I can’t understand why metrics had to change from time to time, when what I wanted was to satisfy the customer. When they put more weight on aHT, I was always at the bottom of the list, because I hated to let go of a customer without resolving their case, even if it were already outside of my support boundaries, so long as I know their problem, I’d surely get some heavy scolding from my team lead because a hardware support like me gave software support.


So I was all wrapped up in my own small world and had totally no idea how upper management thinks and works, so every time I see managers coming in for work in their suits, going into a meeting room for a few hours, then heading off again somewhere else like they are not doing anything, I find their compensation so absurd considering my feeling of being left out to do the “dirty” job. Well, of course, there is that feeling of indignation in me for not rising up to that rank, and for not understanding really the weight of their responsibilities. That being said, I didn’t expect that I’d be going into management roles when I came to Vietnam.


Moreover, I didn’t expect I’d actually bring this act together in Vietnam, of all the places on earth. This place used to hold an image of harshness to me, I guess I had one too much Vietnam movie to watch, that I still had that fear of breaking into very unfriendly grounds. But, I admit to having the wrong perceptions, this country had welcomed me with two arms wide open, and I am just very thankful for the people, their openness to progress, and that same kind of mirth that Filipinos have.


On top of all these, I guess what keeps my head sane in all my dealings, thank God, are the people I work with. You do one thing and you don’t get any moral support from your boss and you end up leaving that job. I guess, my boss’ help and support has had a very big impact on how I talk to people and how I carry on my job. I can safely say that for the first time in my life, there is one superior who is willing to go down a level lower to extend a hand to me so I can make my climb. Plus, you get to spend time with very honest, very positive people, and sooner or later, you get affected by them.


That is why, I can now understand why even time at home is still work hours for my boss, it’s not because he lacks time for his work at the office, it is because he values his time so much that he knows he can still do very productive things even when at home, all these, because of the clients who are counting on us to do our job. The good part of it, is that I started understanding business owners too, they too are people, able to feel frustration and get tired just like me, with very little time in their hand and a mountain of problems that need solutions to. It made me value their business more because I am now in a situation where people depend on me too, that a small error, a slight falter along the way can mean a total disaster for somebody. I’m just lucky that this company and the country I’m in are both very kind to the likes of me.



One thought on “A Shower of the Right Kind of Motivation

  1. It’s interesting how we all subconsciously “write off” certain types of people, whether they are “greedy money-grabbers” or “lazy scroungers who should get a job”. It is good to see how different people live and work, then we can understand that we are all very similar and everyone has value.

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