Drones for Saving Instead of Destroying People

It’s pure genius when UNTV did what other news agency didn’t think of doing. Just recently, I read about several posts about a gadget used by terrorist put into good use. This actually fulfilled reason for the technology, making life much easier so that we can help more people.

Yes, These public servants had differentiated themselves from the others as Daniel Razon, CEO of the public service station by BMPI and News Anchorman for UNTV, announced the use of drones for news reporting and rescue operations. The station’s main theme, “Tulong Muna Bago Balita” (translated: Help First Before Newscast) is the key concept behind this, with the group thrusting towards providing real public service to all.The devastation of the recent super typhoon Yolanda was even among the first few instances where the technology was used. Tons of garbage and debris had prevented most reporters and rescuers from reaching areas heavily hit by the typhoon, but the highly agile phantom drones of the UNTV News and Rescue operations made a trailblazing record event of capturing very dramatic scenes and flying over unreachable places where people took shelter, enabling not only the deliver of news to its televiewers but also of food, medicines and other supplies to the victims of the . Again, that is a milestone which could have only come from Mr. Public Service himself. Here is a video link to the news feature about the gadget being used for newsgathering and rescue operatiions.

The 20W Phantom drone, reportedly, has a 10m/s maximum flight speed, capable of rising a height of 900m and going a distance of 1000m horizontally from the controller. The main aerial gadget operates on a lithium polymer battery pack, while the controller on 4 double A batteries. The whole ensemble is easy to carry, making it possible for newsmakers to carry it anywhere and use it in very highly risky situations where no newsman can possibly thread.

Mr. Razon already spilled the beans about acquiring water drones for rescue operations. This would be another first in the history of Philippine News and Current Affairs. I’m sure this will create another wave of trends on all other broadcast stations in the country.


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