Just Business is just business

Justice must at all cost be our measuring rod in our dealings. Life is always at an equilibrium if we give each man his fair share. But where is justice in a gator-infested business environment? Somehow, those who do not want to get back-lashed by them high riding, back-stabbing, greedy merchants or eaten alive by brazen-faced, freeloading go-between head out of the system or break down into pieces.

We must keep in our mind the concept of karma. My favorite version is “what goes around, comes around”, which means that this is not in any way controlled by anyone, those who get on the way of the great spinning wheel get crushed by their own self love. My boss always jokes around about karma being digital, meaning it is super fast, you will never know what hit you.

So while we have the chance to do good, we must do what is good and just to everyone. Business becomes steep or harsh because of the greedy. Justice dictates that one does himself a favor by doing good deeds despite malicious acts from others. Things have their own way of turning things around in favor of the ones with the clear conscience.


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