This is the Day

As a child, I constantly hear the song “this is the day” from one local church. I never get to understand why it is so important to sing about it and what is in it that I should be happy for. The pastor speaks for a few, quotes a few verses about tithing and lets the group sing the same kind of songs over and over.

When I learned to read, I read about this line from the bible, and again I was confused as to why this great day is so important. Little did I know that this is the most important day of my life.

It is each of our births in the spirit. We had been told that we will never enter the kingdom of God without being born of water and the spirit, and it is indeed the day when we start the rest of our real lives.

But, then again, we know what the apostle Paul said about one body, one Spirit, one baptism — so being born again is really counted only if you are one with that one body.

So it is just logical to say that there is only one sent by God,  only one who holds the word of truth. Paul affirmed this by saying that there be many prophets but many of them will be false.

So the one person who stewards the hidden truths of the bible is the one who can bring us close to God. This has been prophesied regarding God’s servants and what they will do in the last days … “they that turn many to righteousness”. So, a call is sent out to us to find the bringer of good tidings. The Lord Jesus Christ said once that the true followers know their master and hears only the words of the one true Pastor.

The true servant of God will always do only the will of God, speak only of the truth and follow only the voice of the Great Master.

There is but one living person who has done this for me and many others who trust the verity of the words of our Lord.  Not one moment did he try to bear witness of himself, but of the One True and Good God of the universe. Bro. Eli Soriano may not be whom others expect for in a preacher, but one really good instance of hearing and understanding what he is trying to convey will tell that this imperfect man was chosen by a perfect God to do his perfect will of bringing people back to God, and I am saying this a matter of fact that amongst the living, there is none like him. People may contest, but I have seen God’s power in this man’s life, it is something I cannot ignore.

So as his spiritual birth approaches, I only have prayers of faith, hope and love, that God will always keep this man safe. For everything good that I can perceive in my life started when I started hearing God’s word through him.

I thank the Lord for the day when this man received God’s life. My own life is counted worthy only because I experienced the great power and mercy of God in my life — a great day which began not just the day I started believing, but when Bro. Eli did.

Thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift.


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