I Am My Brother’s Keeper

People may have been confused about how things had been going. The great speed with which our society is moving forward has greatly blurred our views as well. It is like looking outside the window of a speeding bullet train and everything else passes by at an instant, looking like a colorful array of lines and dots speeding horizontally and diminishing as if they were never there. Mans inventions are supposed to help us see more clearly the beautiful things in life, but the man who invented it turned his attentions to even wilder things, turning his head around from things that matter most.

Though, in this life, it is very easy to touch people’s lives. You walk on the street, you meet some regular Joe, you see they have need and you try to help, and you will be surprised at the reactions you will get. Some will say thanks, some won’t even bother, some will try to reciprocate your good deeds, and a few will respond in an evil way. Still, it is all fleeting, you get a response then its back to normal. People forget, they go back to their normal lives, and until the next catalyst of people interaction comes along, it goes in a circle of dull, uninspired, tradition bound living, which is sometimes not really living at all. People are like kids who have the patience and attention span that can’t hold for more than a few minutes before they bash on some other more dynamic, more sparkling and more colorful yet totally unimportant things, depending on that persons connotation of what is important to him. There are very few who can really retain a vivid enough memory of the good deed that they experienced that is enough to move them to help others. Yes, there are thousands who can, but compared to the total number of population in the whole world, I can safely say that the thousands who can are but a few.

People might ask, “why should I do it? Why must I do good?” Remember what Cain said to God when he was asked about his brother Abel, he instantly renounced God’s concerns by asking, “am I my brother’s keeper?” because he knows that he has done a crime against his brother. It is more than the crime of killing his brother, it is the crime of having evil thoughts about him, the crime of not being able to take care of his brother, the crime of selfishness and greed and hatred and envy which led him to act on his evil passion and take his brother’s precious life because he wanted to be the only “good” son. He must have thought that if his brother is not there anymore to offer sacrifice to God, then God will appreciate his own offerings, neglecting to remember that God sees and knows everything.

Now, on another note, it somehow boggles my mind. How could Cain have forgotten God’s high stature? Is it because during that time they can directly interact with God that they feel and see Him like that of an earthly father? This would greatly back up all my presumptions that God is a patient, caring, loving, giving father who is better and more fun than any father on earth.


Another thing that I almost concluded, and I am saying almost, is that Cain was possessed that time, who knows what kinds of herbs he might have grown that affected his brain cells in an evil way, that he forgot that as children, we are supposed to go after the footsteps of our parent. I know, Adam has lied and maybe that was the footstep Cain pursued, but that would be a direct insult to the father of Adam who is none other than God.

God is our keeper, and as such, we should be the keeper of each other. I know it is easier said than done, because like Cain, we too have our own selfish wants and needs. But, isn’t that what Christ had been teaching us? To put down our own weighty crosses of selfishness, greed, hatred, and envy and to carry his own cross which is love, faith, hope, brotherly kindness? Mankind has moved towards complacency and numbness that teaches to care only for himself and look away from the suffering of others. It is time to go back to the old ways and be our Brother’s Keeper.

We have heard it time and again, no man is an island, yet this axiom doesn’t seem to hold any significance anymore. Yes, it is difficult to live during these times, life has become a very expensive commodity. But let us not forget to save that dying portion of our hearts which is willing to give to others. Let us care not only for people’s physical existence, let us enrich people’s spirituality. It is our only way of bringing people back to the way God created us for.

I know we are not just battling our own evil selves, we are battling an evil entity which has sworn to go against the most powerful God long before our own existence. But if we are willing to be led by God, we can show people God’s goodness and mercy. I have this feeling that we have passed the initial bumpy traverse, and we are on the portion of the graph where it says interaction is rising, stabilizing, and still growing. We will be hopeful that we can turn people back to God, and we will have faith in the inner goodness of mankind.


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