The Huge Gaiety after A Great Harvest

It’s the first day of the International Thanksgiving Celebration of the Members of the Church of God International. Presiding Minister – Brother Eli Soriano was early to greet the brethren from all around the world. The whole Apalit Convention Center was roaring with well wishers and participants of the great gathering of people who strictly adhere to the commission of the bible.

An great number of the brethren went to Apalit, but a greater number had to go to local chapter coordinating center for accomodation.
An great number of the brethren went to Apalit, but a greater number had to go to local chapter coordinating center for accomodation.

Why these people are celebrating for three days is still a mystery to most of their religious counterparts. A single look in their eyes would prove that these people have seen what they haven’t seen. The general idea, according to them, is to give thanks and honor to One Being to whom they owe their new lives, One whom they subscribe the rest of their lives and all they are capable of accomplishing.

A glimpse of the brethren from the wide screen.
A glimpse of the brethren from the wide screen.

Others may have considered this a great waste of time, but for these people who have seen the doings of the God they believe, there is nothing more sensible and logical to do than to dedicate three days of great celebration and merry making for the huge number of neophyte believers strengthening this household of faith by more than 10,000 headstrong souls.

Picture 001
Kuya Daniel talking while preaching onstage.

The programs started with a highly electrified exhortation and dissertation of the word of God followed by joyful singing by the crowd as led by Vice Presiding Minister Bro. Daniel Razon.
The crowd was surprised in a positive manner by the sudden changes on the process for Consultation as the KNPs and TPs, and Bro. Daniel. These men of God mingled with the crowd asking everyone what problems and issues they are facing in their own local chapters and in their private lives. Many of the problems presented were resolved with the crowd giving an affirmative applause every time Bro. Eli gives his just verdict on each of the cases presented.

Picture 023
Kuya Daniel talking to a member during the special consultation with Bro. Eli.
Picture 008
Kuya Daniel interviewing the brethren and asking around to keep track of their spiritual welfare.
Picture 013
These brethren are trying to get a selfie picture with Kuya Daniel at the background. Kuya Daniel obliged willingly.
Picture 015
Up close and personal, trying to know how they can further be of service to the brethren.
Picture 016
Walking among brethren … where else would there be a leader who would fearlessly walk among people he does not personally know to find out their predicaments and what he can do for them.
Picture 021
Finding out the current situation of the brethren and making sure they are okay.
Picture 024
These people just can’t express their gratitude better, a hug to tell a brother that what he has done was deeply appreciated.
Picture 025
It was a tight situation, but despite the heat and the difficulty of going around, Kuya Daniel went to the crowd and mingled with the brethren.

The celebration has yet so much packed into it and it is just the first day. All the brethren are moving in unison in praises and dances, together every time as they listen to the teachings of the bible as presented by Bro. Eli. One can be sure that it is going to be more spirit-filled, more inspirational, with higher and more wonderful thanksgiving.

Picture 005
A portion of the brethren at the Apalit convention center captured from the right side, listening intently to the man whose light shine brightly on the stage.

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