Sofitel breaks its Silence, UNTV Supporters vow to continue social media messaging

After one whole day of rigid twitter messaging from supporters of UNTV, Sofitel finally broke its silence with a three paragraph explanation on why UNTV was deleted from their in-house television station lineup.

Their official statement reads :

“We do not discriminate against any local or international broadcasting television channel. While we supply several television channels for our guests, the channels we air in the hotel are system-limited, and regularly changed based on several factors, including guest feedback and demand.

We are happy to hear the public’s concerns, and will consider to re-instate the UNTV Channel if this is a request from our hotel guests.”

The explanation heightened UNTV supporters net activity with more and more messages directed to Sofitel on Twitter and Facebook. 

UNTV fans and friends explained that the move is their way of expressing their indignation for the discrimination that the station has received from Sofitel.

Sofitel, which was once a partner of the television network during its initial run in the local hospitality arena, is supposedly contracted by another religious group for one of their major celebrations.

This has prompted many to believe that there is a connection between the move to delist the station from Sofitel’s lineup and the long-running religious dispute between the two clashing religious group.

UNTV Supporters have vowed to continue making noises on social media until they hear Sofitel make a public apology.


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