Celebrating ADD Anniversary In Legaspi Albay

I’m far from home, but inside the ADD Convention at Legaspi Albay is a second home bustling with brethren making preparations for the 34th ADD Anniversary celebration showcasing a Grand Bible Exposition later today.

View from outside the locale.
While I am penpushing, the sisters are cleaning up.

Coming from a graveyard shift, I was weary hours ago, but the happy smiles that greeted me really washed away the weariness I feel. Its afternoon, and I still have one more minute to create a blog for the goodhearted brethren in Legaspi Albay before the next PM starts.

The young members of Teatro Kristiano practicing their dance number.

I only see people who are tirelessly helping each other, patting each other’s back to make the work easier, inspiring each other and then breaking into laughter to express how happy this day is.

Minding the smallest of details.
Minding all details.
Careful and precise.

I am so happy indeed because of the outpouring of support today, from the old and the young. I know my friends are on their way to the Big Dome to join the celebration, but what can I say, the view of the Mayon Volcano from this site is just breathless.

Majestic view of the Mayon in front of the locale.

And so, the Teatro Kristiano at this part of the world has done what they can to arrange the stage, paint the walls, put on curtains, feed all those who helped, and even those who are just sitting around, while practicing their number during the celebration, synergizing each other, inspiring each other with their simple laughter.

One, two, one, two, three … we are ready to excite the audience with our steps.
All hands raised in praise for the real star of the show — God.

Its such a happy sight that I just cannot stay silent when you see that everything is going smoothly, stage is being set, the ADDProduction people have system check and are ready to go.

We still have a million things to do but we are so happy, we just have to capture the moment.
Carefully unfurling the stage curtains.
Bonding time with the sisters.
Ooooops, one more shot girls.
All systems go. Last minute check with the ADDPro Albay.
All systems go. Last minute check with the ADDPro Albay.


I know something so wonderful is going to happen tonight, and I just cannot keep what I am feeling right now. Thanks be to God that once upon a time, in my life, I had the chance to hear great words of teaching that heals the soul and brings peace to the heart and mind.

Through the years, Bro. Eli Soriano and Bro. Daniel Razon had had such travails in propagating the word of God, but no controversy was able to withhold the truth from coming forth.

Picture 029
The host of the program Ang Dating Daan during one of the Thanksgiving Celebrations in Apalit.

I know this day is set to bring about a glorious thing for us. I cannot explain it, but the exuberance in my heart tells me that this is a special day I have to share with these young and not so young men and women, and the rest of the brethren around the world.

At The Dome

While viewing the precedents in Albay, the outpouring of people wanting to hear Bro. Eli speak made the Big Dome seem too small.

at the dome
Inside the Dome (picture grabbed from Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/AngDatingDaanTV/photos/a.10152600937621144.1073741827.37386346143/10152601306646144/?type=1)
getting inside the dome
Outside the Big Dome, a few thousand weren’t able to get in. (Picture grabbed from Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AngDatingDaanTV/photos/a.10152600937621144.1073741827.37386346143/10152600932866144/?type=1)

And while all of these are happening, twitter went crazy with the event’s hashtag on top of the trends. The hashtag was up at number 1 at around 11am but it started gaining momentum as early as 7am and did not stop until afternoon.

hashtag tops twitter
Twitter trends around 1:48pm.

It was a huge success, a number of confused people around the world were able to get answers to their questions. The Ang Dating Daan did it again.

Happy Anniversary to Ang Dating Daan, may the light of love and the goodness of God continuously flow through your program and never cease to change peoples’ lives.

To God be the Glory.


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