All that Merits Gratitude

Disbelief of a Creature Created with a Thankful Heart

Thankfulness is a universal human emotion. Everyone will agree that this concept is real and that it exists. A great many stories have inspired humanity to become thankful. That is due to the same set of emotions that man experiences when satisfied, provided comfort, given acknowledgements, etc. Even the smallest act of kindness can touch a heart and bring a man into debt of gratitude.

A story of a blind man given sight and recognizing who has given it has inspired many to thankfulness. It is just so difficult to understand why man, created with a thankful heart, fail to recognize the great kindness and love that was in the sacrifice of a man who has offered his life on the cross for the salvation of many. Man is so consumed with his own narcissist thoughts and refuses to believe the simplicity of faith and godhead. He has drowned himself in his own pitiful disbelief of the spirit world that has caused the existence of the physical world.

Declaring his own gratitude to himself, man abandoned the verity of all that is good and chose the rebellion within his heart, saying that belief in God is a sign of weakness. Man has dumped the idea of a good Creator and has made himself so uptight and self consumed that he has somehow forgotten his root, his purpose, his history and his destination.

A Long Period of Denial has Passed

Man waged his daily war. Everyday, battle resumes as soon as he sets foot outside his door, fighting with people who are doing the same thing. Sometimes a victor, sometimes a loser, and at times it doesn’t matter, but it was just because he has been denying how important winning is for him. So, he capitalizes on his own strengths, he fought his way, but, somehow felt that the reasons for fighting are inexistent. Asking questions, which he has dismissed for a very long time now, and still does not have the answers for.

He goes on suffering. With no direction, no real purpose. It is very easy for him to say that he just exists, his purpose is to live his life and that’s all. But in his heart, he knows that this is absolutely empty reasoning. It is easy to say “I am here because.” and leave it at that, but his heart and mind tells that there is more to life than just breathing and existing. Denial is a friend to him who lacks diligence in seeking the answer. Denial of the truth can drive a person to lies and lies can lead to death. Existence alone will drive him to ask questions, ones that need a satisfactory answer.

Then man said to himself that he is learned so he gave so much more weight to the declarations of Plato and Socrates and Hipocrates and Cicero and Aristotle and Pythagoras and Archimedes and Galelei and Sun Tzu and Buddha and Confucius and so many other philosophers. These men have established facts, but they have slowed down man’s capability to reason. Man’s caution in thoughts, he has chosen to cloud with his own faithlessness. Believing only what is seen, Man failed to recognize that the answer is within himself.  He has set his eyes on a point on a picture and failed to see the beauty of the bigger picture. Attributing reality only to the physical world, Man has forgotten his very own spirit, and thus the Great Spirit that has brought him to existence.

But that is all behind now, the truth has slowly surfaced and is now becoming ever clearer to man himself. It took millenia after millenia of research and experiments to find out that what he has been denying is the truth.

And what is the truth? Man exists because of the existence of a Great Creator. The long denial stage has ended. Even science is now showing that what man failed to recognize then is now more than ever the one and only truth. God is real. God has been showing himself to man, and man, because of his own sick desire to follow his selfish ways, has departed from the truth and believed in his own lies. Still, God has been patient. God, whom people have failed to acknowledge, has been waiting for people to open their eyes, like a father waiting for his baby to start recognizing all the details of its surroundings.

Like a bystander who has recognized the scene, that he has just been ripped off, man now starts looking back and recognizing those that have fooled him for a long time. He has started accepting himself for what he is, and the God who has brought him to the living, breathing world.

The Man Child Takes Baby Steps

Day by day, God rears this man child towards becoming his own likeness. The same purpose that He created Adam with, but somehow departed from. The man child sometimes falter, but God is always there to keep him safe and walking His path. The man child grows strong everyday and is soon on his way to becoming what God has purposed him to be.

This man child has come a long way. He has moved from disbelief to open eyes. Reality has struck and though there were losses in the past, this man child is growing to become the fullness of the Child of God.

This is the church of God, the man child that started off as a small, weak and scrawny baby. Each day, the child learns and each day the child becomes stronger. This is characterized by the growth in number of people getting into the church, the true church of God, becoming more learned in the ways of the truth, becoming more aware of the real essence of life and the reality that man has at one time turned its back from. God has been merciful on this man child because he believes in his own natural goodness, planted by God in man’s heart when he created him.

The enemy has tried to pull this man child into rebellion against his Creator, but this man child has God fighting for his side. The God Who is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth will never fail, He is Victory. Man takes his first step towards his God, and God shows him His greatness and power.

A Day to Remember the Victory

The end is not yet, but the war is over. Long has the war been won when Jesus Christ died on the cross. Defeating all that is evil when he finally laid his life, he gave full payment of the ransom for the lives of those who will believe in Him.

Today, God will be honored and praised for His great love and mercy. Today, the Lord Jesus Christ will be exalted so that God may be given the highest honor and glory. Today and in the next two days, the members of the Church of God International will show the rest of humankind that there is a reason for life, there is a reason to be joyful, there is a reason to give thanks to God.

Today is a special day indeed, because God deserves the acknowledgement of man, because man owes all gratitude to God … because God is good.

To God be the Highest Glory and Honor and Power.


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