Loneliness with You is Happiness

I must travel this road. I have chosen this way.

I can’t bear the load, but I’ll try not to stray.

Every step breaks my heart, but I must carry on.

Though I may be weak and here all alone.


I know not what to do, but my heart believes You.

I am dragging myself, as if all else is through.

Though it seems so hopeless, I’ll smile still through my tears.

You will almost not see all my aches and my fears.


I’ll be happy as sunshine when I see every morning

And give thanks to Your kindness, through each sorrowful longing.

I will break into laughter when my sadness appears,

And will be just as happy through my bittersweet tears.


I’ll remember Your love in all times sad and happy.

I’ll declare all your greatness, all Your honor and glory.

In my pain, I’ll recall everything You have done.

And give praises to You, till You and i are one.


May this time of sorrow, be to You as important

As each moment happy, joyful and pleasant.

May this aching heart be Your happiness forever

And may I always, these pure feelings remember.

Dedicated to the One who has always been there for me when everyone else seem far away.


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