UNTV Cup Season 4 Opens, Government Agencies Marched into the Playing Court to Play a Game Meant to Extend Public Service

The UNTVCup Season 4 opens today August 24 at the SM MOA Arena with huge support from different agencies of the government. Each playing team marched to the playing court with their respective managers and mascots.

Defending Judiciary faced the team drawn from the lots of teams categorized in the Group B of the season, MMDA Black Wolves.

The heroes of the games before they march into the courts.
The heroes of the games before they march into the courts.

The programs began with a neo-electronic dance followed by a welcoming speech by UNTV CEO Daniel Razon. Kuya Daniel, as endearingly called by colleagues and followers spilled out the beans about more and more league games that will cater to different indigent sectors.


Spotted in the playing court were very supportive PBA Legends who had pledged support in the past for public service sports events like this one.

Bro. Eli Soriano of the Members of the Church of God International again pledged financial support to the event, shelling out a total of 2Million pesos which he said he will ask Mr. atom Henares of the UNTV-BMPI to match with another 2 Million.

The games today signals the beginning of another season that will heat up the SM Arena for another quarter of a year.

MMDA put the pressure onto Team Judiciary as they outscored the team several times including the first half of the games.


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