Ang Dating Daan Celebrates 35th Year Anniversary: MCGI Music Ministry Attempts to Set New Record for Guinness Record

Its a sunny afternoon in Quezon City and the Big Dome is swarming with men and women in black and white. The Members of the Church of God International is once again creating waves at the Araneta Coliseum as they celebrate the 35th year anniversary of its main television program, the Ang Dating Daan.


Dubbed as the Longest Running Religious Program in Philippine Television, this program has retained its original format of delivering no-holds-barred question and answer about religious issues as asked by non-members from around the world who want to know the truth about the bible. The program airs simultaneously in key remote places around the world. The following is an instance when people from different parts of Asia ask Bro. Eli over satellite TV.

monitoring centers

Today, as the celebration happens at the time of this writing, these singers and choir members congregate to sing songs of praise and worship to God while they give a very important gift to the differently abled citizens of the metro. As the members await the completion of the number of the choir inside the dome, the temperature rises inside and creates a sense of very high spirituality in everyone inside the dome.


The number of those who came was a surprising 12k plus, that can only mean that this event is another monumental event for the program that has touched the lives of many people, Filipinos and otherwise.


It is noteworthy that the practice for the performance did not only happen in the Philippines. When members from other parts of the world knew that the Philippine choir was holding its dressed performance, they too had their own practice from their own locations.

foreign music ministry_las vegas

Just see how many people went to the practice held at the ADD Convention Center in Apalit. Everybody present said that it was a different level of performance done by each member which can only be described as heartwarming and spiritually uplifting.

practice - apalit

The performance has not yet started, but the Araneta is already filled with the songs of praise by the group. Its creating goose bumps on one’s back when the group performs because of what is apparently seen as love for God.

The organizers of the event which is the celebration of the program Ang Dating Daan and its message of hope and appeasement with God  have outdone themselves with a very spirit edifying celebration format which is hoped to be another testimony of the greatness of the God behind the program. The Ang Dating Daan is a multi-awarded program and here is one of the awards which the program has garnered in the past.

ADD Gawad Amerika award hires

Congratulations to Ang Dating Daan and to the people who made the Ang Dating Daan 35th Anniversary celebration.


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