Wish FM 107.5 makes wishes come true in the First Wish Awards

The long wait has come. Music lovers and well wishers are sure to fill the Araneta Coliseum once again tonight as Wish FM 107.5 unfolds the results of its First Music Awards for today’s most hip, most memorable and most sought after new talents in the Philippine music industry.

The award’s night will be graced by upcoming and current newsmakers and singers, some of whom will be performing live onstage. For the list of performers, awardees and other awards night related news, please visit this site.

Wish 107.5 Awards
Wish 107.5 Music Awards is slated today Jan. 26, 2016, 7PM at the Araneta Coliseum.

Radio 107.5 is the partner station of the premier public service station in the country. As such, the airwaves rider broadcasts live from the country’s first mobile radio station, traversing the main thoroughfares of the metro area daily, and lives up to its official nickname “Wish FM”, as they play some of the best music lineups, send out a positive message on social media, and grants wishes made by its loyal fans.

The station was envisioned by Kuya Daniel Razon, programming proponent and master DJ of the program “Dear Kuya”, to be more than just a music hub. Keeping in mind the glory days of radio broadcasting, Kuya Daniel helped BMPI acquire the station as an extension platform for public service.

The station built its solid foundation on regular radio systems and on Philippine online radio, enabling wide reach and following from among listeners who rely on microwave signals and internet streaming.

Wish 107.5 logo transformation
Wish 107.5 has undergone transformations, however, the station has taken its avid listeners gently through changes, ensuring a solid presence in the airwaves.

The station displays a very warm and endearing orange round logo right now that shows how dynamic and vibrant the station is.

To date, the station has featured a number of talents in its regular programming. The artists have expressed their enjoyment of their live mobile performances in their social media postings. Among them, Darren Espanto enjoyed a huge following on social media, after his video went viral among social media users. Other performers followed through with their own live cover of some of the current hit songs. To watch all their videos again, just go to their YouTube site found here.

A twitter conversation will be opened later today with the @Wish1075 leading via official hashtag for the event. People will be looking forward, and so am I.


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