Wish 107.5 TV, The Launch

FM music people wish to hear; Wish FM lets them watch too

It took only a year of on-road broadcast to get people addicted to the fine music played over 107.5, otherwise known as Wish FM. Now that it has built a strong following and marked its niche in the music scene, the station takes a huge step into the limelight as it announced its grand TV launch on Monday, March 28, 2016.


Now, 1075 Wish FM will not only deliver inspiring music, it will also be featured as a visual radio presentation onscreen UNTV Life, showcasing the technology in the roving radio station and providing a refreshing and must watch live on air performances around the metro.

With a pilot episode that will start at 4:30pm at UNTV Channel 37, four of its amazingly pretty, lively and extremely charismatic DJ’s namely, DJ Jelly Kiss, DJ Leigh, DJ Faye and DJ Alice will deliver a fantastic entertainment program that is expected to do more than bring back the glory days of the FM radio.

wish fm fb cover
From left to right, the beautiful DJs of Wish 107.5 FM are DJs Leigh, Faye, Jelly Kiss and Alice.

DJ Jelly Kiss, who will be the main host of the FM TV program, gave her promise that people will see how differentiated these amazing angels are on the airwaves. Together with equally as pretty and as eloquent DJs, she will provide the voice and the life of the party for Wishclusive, Wish Happenings, Wish Updates, Wish Lounge, and other feature programs for television.

The radio is known as the country’s trailblazer in the radio industry, broadcasting live on board the Wish FM Bus and traversing the main thoroughfares of the metro area to give listeners and travelers alike all fresh cuts and music covers by some of the country’s top performers.

Wish FM Bus broadcasting at night as onlookers see how the DJ handles the entertaining monologue from inside the booth. (Photo c/o Photoville)

The station has become a favorite among passenger car drivers, housewives, schools, offices, restaurants and other venues as the only station they tune into because of the lineup of songs they can play while doing day to day tasks without the heavily heart-pumping, crazy beat of highly metallic sounds. The radio plays songs that are easy to listen to or sing along, thus, more and more people are tuning into it.

Keeping up with the identity that it began to convey since its first broadcast, the program gave listeners the kind of programming they Wish for, including public service where individual wishes are given reality.

wish granted
Students of Galicia Elementary School were just one of the recipients of the wish granting public service of Wish 107.5 FM. (Photo courtesy of Wish FM website)

The station will be broadcasting in different locations so that more and more people will see the performers live and also how the program is carried out.

The Fastest Rising Radio Station in the country recently held an awards night at the Araneta Coliseum where they gave not just trophies to the winning performers, but also cash giveaways to the choice recipients of the winners.

wish fm award
Daryl Espanto was not just the biggest winner of the night during the Wish 107.5 Music Awards, but the World Vision Institute, receiving a total of 100,000 pesos check from the event.

This is not the first time that UNTV did something to fulfill its goals of featuring intelligent alternatives to the usual programs that are seen on TV but it’s definitely the most creative, people will easily welcome the idea and be transformed by the positive messages that the program passes on.


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