52 Years of truthfully answering questions according to the bible and still going

There are tons and tons of ministers around, most of them preaching about financial blessings if you will give them your money first, well, something to that effect.

I’m sure a lot of people have lost taste for religion now that many pastors have stopped preaching what is written and began weaving their own gospel.

I for one started to question my religious roots when I was younger and was almost at the very edge of believing in atheism before I began hearing a different kind of teaching from Bro. Eli Soriano.

Bro. Eli in one of the events he spoke for at the Araneta Coliseum.

Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if many people will raise brows for having said the name, because I know for a fact that this man has been the object of ridicule, humiliation, and degradation.

So-called Christians and their atheist counterparts have their own parts in accusing him.

They referred to Bro. Eli in so many malicious ways, saying he is gay, or that he is a murderer, or that he is an extortionist. Things that the very people who allege him cannot even properly prove because no matter how many legal accusations they throw money for, Bro. Eli rises up unscathed and unharmed. You can read stories of his acquittal from here.

bro eli acquited
Ms. Jane Abao’s article on Bro. Eli’s acquittal from two courts.(courtesy of: https://kotawinters.wordpress.com/)

Now, I do understand that these people, no matter how much money they throw away just to malign Bro. Eli, would not stop at the prospects of the huge financial losses because they have a whole world of money to gain if they can somehow hurt Bro. Eli and his preaching. Why?

It’s simple, Bro. Eli preaches against religious corruption, the same message given by the Lord himself just before he left. If Bro. Eli can successfully change people’s and get them to follow the instructions of Christ, all these religious mambo jumbo will end and they will lose profit. Which is, by the way, not a sentiment or a way of thinking that is native to the people who think such.

Bro. Eli recognizes all too well that the enemy he is trying to combat is not the person throwing the stones, but the spirit behind that person. That is why, till now, Bro. Eli still does his charity works. And though people question him for his teachings, they somehow end up questioning their beliefs about Bro. Eli’s person because they themselves know what Bro. Eli has been doing to care for people.

Bro. Eli saw the need for providing a mobile clinic to far flung areas, hence, the many provisions for such necessities.

Now, caring for the material self may be everything to some, but that is not the case with Bro. Eli. I believe I have an understanding now about how “Ingkong”, as many people would refer to him, cares much more for the person inside each and everyone of us.

Whenever he preaches, he does this so that we may live inside. I know it’s quite complicated, but let me try to explain a bit further.

Those who believe in God believes in the soul. Those who do not, think we are just like a mechanism of muscles and bones, with chemicals affecting our thinking so that we act on certain factors with varying actions. Seems like a well educated assumption, right?

Okay, my answer is that of what I learned from Bro. Eli. Yes and no. Yes we have a soul, yes we have muscles and bones and we have lots of chemical reactions going on inside of us, but that’s not the end of it.

reality check

There is no denying that there is a person in each of us that is able to reason and believe what we believe is a testament to the truth that indeed, there is a God, he created us, we were not from monkeys, our future is in His hands and He is either our Father or our Judge. It is not true that we do not care, and that we are hopeless, we are simply looking through half closed eyes, that is why we are not able to perceive the truth clearly.

It is an age old debate that Bro. Eli had been trying to unmask and set right. Herculean, if I may say, in magnitude. But it is something that Bro. Eli will not want to take on sitting down because it concerns that which is most important in everyone of us.

Through all hardships, Bro. Eli had been combating that enemy in us which tells us to care more for the flesh and leave out the spirit. There is a spiritual battle which we neglect, but our delusions about the seemingly good material things is what Bro. Eli had been trying to wake us up from. We are like Dorothy, lost in Wonderland, and Bro. Eli had been trying hard to get us back to reality.

For 52 years, Bro. Eli had been trying his best to read, read, read the words of God to teach people. He has been battling not only those who do not believe God, in fact, he has generated more enemies in those who do believe in a Divine Being. His challenge stands for other pastors to come out and put their faith through test by the words that are written in the bible.

His popular one liner tagline is not something people can simply ignore:

“Basa!” “Let us read!” “Vamos ler!”

Bro. Eli’s advice, admonition, teachings and judgement on cases that he is asked to pass decisions for are always guided by the words of God in the bible. He has lived a solitary life to be able to do what he felt was his duty to open eyes and make people believe in the true God of the bible. He has taught people truthfulness and had, in his crude manner of speaking, rooted out hypocrisy.

be from photobucket
Bro. Eli, listening intently during one of his debates.(photo courtesy of http://s611.photobucket.com/user/whoisbroelidotcom/)

While he has helped many lost souls to believe in God and in the Lord Jesus again, he remains the same person he was 52 years ago, knowing that it is God who works in him. I remember this one time when he said, “Brother, thank God, not me. I don’t mind if people forget about me, I just want people to remember that God is the one who did good things to you.”

There are millions of lost souls who still need to hear the good news. Bro. Eli’s 52nd anniversary in service to God and to people is telling us he is not getting any younger in the flesh, but his spirit is ever stronger. My prayer is for more people to get to hear him and open their hearts to the pure gospel of Christ as read from the bible.

If you want to learn more about Bro. Eli Soriano, please do visit his website. If you have questions about faith, don’t hesitate to send him a tweet or watch him answer via live bible exposition or via recorded YouTube contents found here and here, or you can attend the regular Thanksgiving of the MCGI and directly ask Bro. Eli during his consultation time.




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